5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bag for Men

Picking a bag to be your right-hand companion in all your transit throughout your life can be more daunting than you realize. There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right bag for you. Maybe your job takes you on plenty of travel, maybe your daily transit is a hustle, or maybe you just need a bag to help you out on the weekends.

bag for men

No matter what your needs, here’s five tips for choosing the right bag for you.

Tip 1: Assess your capacity needs

The most important thing is to make sure your bag is functional. It won’t do to have a bag that won’t hold what you need it to, whether that be laptops or books, paperwork or gear for your day. So figure out exactly what you need it to hold and then go from there.

It goes along with this that you’ll want to make sure that your capacity needs and the abilities of the bag are a match. Just because it has a large interior doesn’t mean it can withstand heavy weights for long periods of time. So make sure your needs match what your bag can do.

Tip 2: Do you need bells and whistles?

After you’ve checked out the capacity needs of your bag-to-be you’ll want to make sure you have the right amount of pockets. Some bags have a plethora of zippers and pockets to hold any and all objects you could think to bring. Some bags rely on their bucket structure to hold what you need.

If you find yourself with more things than you have pockets on your jacket, then maybe spring for a bag with more pockets. But if you find yourself carrying heavy items in your arms, go for the bag with the deep bucket and the ability to hold larger objects.

Tip 3: Look into the Materials

The materials that make up your bag are one of the most important components for getting a long lasting bag, for a number of reasons. You’ll want something not only durable and long-lasting, but something aesthetically pleasing as well. While that may not be the easiest combination to master, there is one material that works wonders for most needs.

Leather is an excellent choice of bag material thanks to its durability in harsh and wet weather and its outward beauty. It’s a solid material that stands up well and Melkco prides itself on its rich history in working with leather to create the most durable and fashionable accessories out there.

Tip 4: Determine The Right Fit

This is something you’re going to be wearing quite a lot on your body, so you don’t want it to be uncomfortable or, even worse, unsafe. There’s plenty of studies out there that show the effect poorly designed bags can have on the body when worn for long periods of time.

The Melkco Explorer Sling bag is one such way to combat the dangers of a bad fitting bag. This sling helps balance out the pull of the weight by stretching across the shoulder and down over the chest so compression on the spine is not nearly as severe.  Plus, the fit is highly adjustable to suit all the needs you’ll have.

Tip 5: Pick a Brand You’ll Trust

This isn’t just about picking a bag to throw things into and going out on your day. This means picking a trustworthy vessel to carry your belongings in, something that won’t cause you any harm, and something that you can imagine yourself wearing every day. It’s a balance of function and logistics and fashion with your everyday life. That can be something very tricky to master.

Melkco has served as a premiere manufacturer of leather accessories since the 90s with a care and love for their craft and for the art of working with leather. Melkco specialized in Genuine, Split, and Synesthetic leathers in the German market, giving them an impressive background to move into the leatherwork they do today.

So, what is the Right Bag?

That decision will be up to you. But you’ve got some excellent tips above to help you make your decision. The Melkco Explorer Sling Bag is an excellent bag for someone who doesn’t quite need a carry all but still hands to have a handy grab on all the things he does need. The Melkco brand is, likewise, as trustworthy as you can get and as fashionable as they come.

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