6 Tips to Choose the Right Women Fashion Bag

Would you believe there’s actually a ton that goes into deciding which fashion bag is the right one for you? After all, there’s a lot of elements at stake here: the capacity abilities, the weight of the bag itself, how it fits on your body, the aesthetic abilities of the bag, you name it.

women fashion bag

So to help combat the sea of knowledge out there that can sometimes confuse you while trying to figure out which bag to pick, here are 6 tips that, if followed, will ensure you get the perfect women’s fashion bag for all your needs…

Tip 1: Think About How You’ll Use It

There’s a world of difference between a weekend bag you plan on taking on brunches with friends and a bag you’re going to be using for work. If this is something you plan to bring with you on your morning commute, you’ll want something with an impressive capacity to it.

Bucket bags are usually a smart way to go for anyone looking to fill a bag with work items. But if you want something for more casual outings then a side bag or purse might be the way to go to hold all your needed items. Either way, you don’t want to get a bag too big for everything you plan on carrying and you certainly don’t want one too small.

Tip 2: Consider Material

Leather is one of the most durable and trusted options you could go for when it comes to getting yourself a fashion bag to walk around with. It’s resistant to weather and would take quite a bit to get it to tear from weight or use. If you need something durable, it’s leather all the way.

However, there are other options out there if you want something less intense. Canvas bags are an option for someone looking for a lighter material and anyone who is conscious of their animal friends, fake leather, and vegan leather bags also exist out in the world to give you the same amount of safety with less animal cruelty.

Tip 3: Consider the Shape

This means a lot of things. The shape of your bag determines a lot about how it sits on your figure, but you’ll also want to make sure you get a bag that compliments your look as well. Basically, you’ll want to go for a bag that contrasts against your shape.

If you’re a tall, slim woman you’ll want a rounder bag and maybe even a slouching sort of shape against your body. If you’re curvy and shorter, a sharply angled bag with obvious shape structure is the way to go to complement your look. By picking the right shape, you can ensure you look great while using your bag.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to Where the Bag Sits

Wherever your bag falls on your body, there it will draw a lot of attention. It’s a fact of using bags that wherever it sits is accentuated by the actual sitting of the bag. Usually, this place is the hips. But you can combat this and tailor it to your needs by finding bags of different lengths.

If you want to show off your hips, pick a bag that falls just so on your body. If you want to avoid that area, go for a shorter bag. There’s plenty of options and in-between to play with when it comes to bag length.

Tip 5: Picking a Style for You

This doesn’t mean the overall look of the bag. First, you’ll want to find yourself a bag type. Like mentioned above, the type of bag is important for what you plan on using it for but that’s also part of the overall look of the bag.

Do you want a backpack style bag over your shoulders? Do you want a side bag that sits nicely against your hip? Do you want a purse you can nestle comfortably in the crook of your elbow? All these questions matter when picking something that’s going to compliment your look and your wardrobe in life.

Tip 6: Get a Timeless Design

If you want a bag that can be used anywhere or with any outfit, you’ll want a pattern that works with everything and colors that aren’t too loud on their own. Stripes are always a solid choice as well as solid colors if you want something that can be used with virtually any outfit.

But, there’s also nothing wrong with getting a bag tailor-made to go with a specific outfit you had in mind. The options are endless and up to you.

There they are, 6 tips to help you wade through the dense waters of fashion bag shopping and get yourself the perfect bag for you.

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