How to Choose the Right Backpacks for Women

What you carry our life in day in and day out makes a difference. Backpacks are both an essential part of your work life, play life, and daily transit and a fashion statement for many people out there. Choosing the right bag can be a matter of making or breaking your ability to get things done.

backpack for women

More than that, it can also be about comfort and safety. You’re wearing this on your body, using it every day. It needs to be comfortable and it needs to not cause damage and make your life more difficult when it’s meant as a resource.

So how does a woman choose the right backpack for her on the go life?

Look At the Materials

Let’s start with materials. The most durable of any and all backpack materials is leather. This withstands heavyweight, can take on weather, and it doesn’t hurt that it is exceptionally fashionable. The Melkco bag brand began in leather, making the material genuine and trustworthy.

While there are other choices out there, leather is least likely to tear from weight, it’s also least likely to wear down from excessive use. Leather is the best option you can choose for any sort of high tolerance carrying device and a backpack, constantly taken on and off as well as slung around daily, needs to be able to hold up.

Look into the Capacity Abilities

For starters, you’ll want to note the backpack capacity. While you may not be going on a hiking trip into the woods, your bag still needs to be able to hold everything you need for your daily errands.

Capacity doesn’t just mean can it fit your laptop and lunch bag all in one. Capacity is about weight distribution and where you can place things. You’ll want something that can stand up to holding your things in the main compartment but you’ll also want to make sure smaller items have their due as well without pain or pressure from use.

Get the Right Fit

In a similar vein, you’ll want something that fits just right. While you can make some determinations from looking at a bag, a lot of this is going to be trial an error. While shopping for a bag, test out how it feels on your body, especially with weight put on it. Make sure it doesn’t hug you too tightly or sit too large.

Do You Need Extra Features?

Lastly, you’ll want to look into the features. Do you need a bag with all sorts of bells and whistles and pockets within pockets? Or do you simply need something to hold your things while you’re moving throughout your daily life?

How Melkco Can Help

Those beginning years in the leather business informed the company that would expand into one of the most trusted backpack manufacturers out there. Even the logo, which is an artist’s rendition of a genuine leather cut diagram, is proof of their dedicated origins.

With goals to maintain the highest standard for products, serve the on-the-go person in every possible way, and introduce new products that will benefit your work life, their brand of backpacks are among the best you can get.

So, what do you look for in a backpack and what does Melkco have to offer?

No matter the answers to these questions above, Melkco has a bag for you.

The Chic Mode Series for Women

The Chic Mode series is, in particular, a great bag if you want something long lasting, durable, and fashionable. The cowhide leather is naturally repellent to moisture, making transit in inclement weather possible. It ages 5 times better than most fabrics out there which makes it perfect for any outdoor-heavy use.

It’s a bucket bag that holds a lot but also has an inner compartment for storing any personal items that require a bit of extra safety. At 1000grams by itself, it’s not going to weigh down more than you already are. This gives you a nice balance of ease to get to your things and added security, should you need it.

This bag can easily hold a laptop, several books, papers, binders, and more all while giving you a stylish look and easily mobility throughout each one of your days, whether they be working or play.

What it comes down to, for choosing a bag, is a balance of all the things you need. While in school it might have been fun to have the newest cartoon stitched onto your book bag but now bags need to not only be functional (well past the days of you carrying around gel pens) but it also deserves a place as part of your wardrobe. You’re wearing it on your body, after all.

The Big Takeaways

So, what are the takeaways for you to find your perfect bag? Look for something with the capacity to suit your needs. Find a bag that fits you well without any discomfort. Find something made of durable material that will stand up not only to use but to the elements, you find yourself in. Lastly, find something fashionable that you can handle being seen in every day because it is, after all, a part of your wardrobe.

Follow these tips and check out all that Melkco has to offer for fashionable and durable leather bags for the on-the-go woman.

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