How to Pick the Perfect Case for your Mobile Device

Your mobile device has become so much more than just an instrument for communication. Phones, at this point, represent your entire life. Your credit cards, your email, maybe even a collection of library books are all housed on smart phones which mean you need optimum protection.

mobile cases

Phone cases are, first and foremost, about keeping that delicate smart phone safe from harm. However, there are some added components when it comes to the storage and logistical capabilities of your phone case as well as the aesthetic look because, after all, it’s an accessory to your wardrobe.

So here are some tips for picking out the perfect case for your mobile device and brand suggestions to get you started…

Tip 1: Make Sure You Get the Right One

By this is meant, simply, make sure you check that the case you pick out is meant for your phone. It’s a very common mistake that people accidently get cases for different model phones than they own, sometimes completely different phone brands.

The blame isn’t entirely on the customer either, retail stores don’t often make it easy to distinguish where Samsung ends and iPhone begins. On top of that, the model generation of your phone matters as certain iPhones get narrower or chubbier as they evolve.

Luckily, Melkco, a trusted electronics accessories company specializing in leather, has their mobile devices are broken up easily and user-friendly between phones, smartphones, tablets, eBook readers, and much more. They offer everything from iPhone 7 and 6s to Sony phones, Lenovo devices and much more.

Tip 2: Pick a Material

There are two main materials used in making mobile device cases. There’s plastic and then there’s leather. Plastic cases are all about impact resistant while leather cases often act as their own unique carrying parcel for the phone. Many leather cases (and some plastic cases) hold credit cards and money, acting as a wallet on the go.

Either way, you’ll want to pick whether you want a plastic or leather case or, in some rare cases, a see-through rubber.

Tip 3: Decide if It’s For Safety or Convenience

Mobile devices are delicate things.  All cases are about protection, whether it be from the elements, from collateral damage while using it, or impact resistance, however, some cases are more focused on protection than others. For example, as mentioned the plastic cases are designed to take the brunt of an impact if you’re worried about dropping your device.

While leather doesn’t really protect as well against the hazards of gravity, it does do well against the elements. Leather, specifically Melkco’s trusted leather brand, is highly resistant to the elements including excessive sun, rain, and snow. Then, of course, leather has the added bonus of often having more storage space than plastic.

While plastic cases can also function as wallets for your cards and currency, leather cases are often designed more with wallet features in mind. Many of Melkco’s cases are book still, covering the face of the phone and opening to reveal a nice amount of space for your wallet goods. Like it was mentioned above, you can have it all with a plastic case that holds some cards, but if you want the full on wallet, leather is the way to go.

Tip 4: Make Sure It’s Durable

The fact of the matter is, virtually all mobile device accessories are incredibly expensive. You could be shelling out quite a bit of cash for a nice phone case. Melkco is committed to proving the best options for mobile device cases for the economic buyer. What’s better is they have a guarantee on the longevity of their products.

Melkco has been working with various types of leather since the 1990s and has only worked to improve their craft since then. These cases stand up to the elements and everything you can throw at them with a solid and trusted brand behind them.

Tip 5: Pick Something You Can Live With

Once all the logistics are out of the way there’s only one real challenge left: making sure it’s what you want. Cases and accessories for mobile devices are going to be part of your aesthetic, maybe even your everyday wardrobe. So picking something you’re going to like is crucial.

Many customers lament that they often get bored of their phone cases quickly and want to move on to the next big thing. But if you find one that can last you, it can become quite an elegant part of your everyday attire, whether you’re an urban young adult with a business mind and great ambitions or a traveler looking to complete your look.

So there you have it, five tips for picking a case for your mobile device that will keep it safe and keep you classy.

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