Latest Fashion Trends for Women

Fashion, as many of you probably know, is an ever-evolving animal in the world. It’s never stagnant and it’s always fluid. With a new year well underway, there’s plenty of new fashion trends out there for you. So, what does 2017 have to offer in the way of fashion trends? Well, let’s take a look.

women fashion trends

Stripes Are In

For many people, stripes are never out of style and that’s probably a lot truer than people realize. Stripes are an easy way to spruce up an outfit and add a pattern without worrying about being too over the top or clashing with an existing pattern. Stripes can match nearly everything and manage to do so with minimal hassle.

This isn’t a new trend, of course. Stripes have been keeping themselves alive and relevant for some time and spring 2017 is no different. In fact, you’ll probably be able to see stripes will into the seasons ending the year and beyond. After all, it’s a timeless look.

Artist Prints Are a Popular Pattern

While stripes are a safe bet and will continue to be, a lot of talk and interest is happening around patterns inspired, or even created by, artists. Things like paint splashes or full on artist renditions of paintings across pants and tops have become very popular.

In fact, a lot of celebrity brands are taking direct inspiration from artist work and putting it to use in clothes for the upcoming season. So if you want to get a little more adventurous than stripes when it comes to your patterns, be on the lookout for artist-inspired prints.

It’s All About Sneakers

Kicks, keds, tennis shoes, call them what you will but they’re making a serious statement this season. Recently there’s been an up kick in the more fashionable sneaker that utilizes different patterns, textures, and some wild colors. This gives them some serious ability to be worn just about everywhere.

Beyond that, sneakers are, by design, versatile and durable. They can take on elements that your stilettos surely can’t and do it time and again. You don’t need to worry about a broken heal when you’ve got a nice cushy sole to power you through your workday or casual dates.

On the Other End of the Spectrum: the Mule

If you’re looking for a fashion trend that is less casual and a little more classy but not so much that you need a cocktail dress to match it, the mule is certainly in this season. The mule is an open back shoe and, like the sneaker, they come in an amazing array of options for you.

There are heeled, flat, even hybrid styles of the mule. It’s a solid way to straddle the line when it comes to combining fancy and elegant with the casualness of a sneaker or slip on shoe. They can be worn to work or for a day of relaxation which makes them just as in demand as the sneaker.

The ‘80s Are Back

The high fashion, ultra glam of the ‘80s are making a comeback on runways recently. This means slim fit dresses with full, high sleeves and even some asymmetrically placed items. Don’t get too excited, though, this isn’t a return to your youth of head banging to the drum machine.

When we’re talking ‘80s, it’s all about the more elegant and glam parts of it. Exaggerated shoulder bags, high heels, robust colors. Those are the parts of the ‘80s that are making a comeback in these outfits, not so much the pre-grunge leather and hairspray overload.

Show it Off With Exposure

Especially big this spring is styles that feature exposure of the skin underneath your clothes, maybe even close to overexposure. Basically, a lot of clothes this season want to put you on display to up that confidence while you’re walking down the street. This doesn’t however, mean you have to worry about being accused of walking the streets a little too naked.

Sheer tops are in as well as light covered fabrics that gives a nice look at the skin of your torso while keeping you modest. Plus, many of these work as layered items that let you tease a bit of skin while keeping yourself covered with a jacket or light sweater.

Activewear Is Really In

Activewear worn as fashion statements has been something brewing for a while. It’s really in this spring with jogger pants and track suits making a big splash on runways and in stores known for their more fashionable items. This doesn’t mean buying a pair of Nikes, but there are some great joggers available as fashionable items and gym wear.

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